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Shikakai Powder – Dr. 3+


Shikakai is a natural ingredient long been used in Ayurveda to treat multiple types of hair problems. It has been popularly used as a hair cleanser in Indian culture. Otherwise known as soap pod, shikakai is commonly used in powder form in many home remedies.

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1# Prevents Hair Fall

Shikakakai can help reduce hair fall in teenagers and in adults. It has all the necessary vitamins and properties to prevent hair fall and therefore adding it to your hair care routine is a great hair loss control tip.

2# Promotes Hair Growth

You may have heard about shikakai powder for hair growth because it has been used in our culture for exactly that and more for years now. Shikakai offers all-around nourishment for hair thanks to its vitamin content which stimulates hair growth.

3# Treats Dandruff

One of the best benefits of shikakai powder for hair is that it can help control and get rid of dandruff from hair and scalp. A simple DIY shikakai scalp and hair mask with shikakai powder and some curd for hair can help relieve you from this pesky hair problem.

4# Detangles Hair

If you struggle to detangle your hair, shikakai will help you out. This natural ingredient makes hair smooth so it is easier to remove knots and tangles.

5# Improves Hair Texture

Shikakai is known to make hair look more rejuvenated and bouncy rather than limp and dull. If you have dull and lifeless hair, adding shikakai to your hair wash routine will help you reverse the situation.

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